Montez is an integrated multi-asset real estate investment, developer and asset manager investing on behalf of institutional investors.

In our line of business, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to transform futures for the better. Because, we are not just investing in mere bricks and mortar. We are building communities, creating neighbourhoods and establishing workplaces. We are facilitating the movement of goods to consumers in shopping centres and e-commerce, providing shelter in all types of rental housing, and supporting entertainment venues such as restaurants, cinemas and fitness centres. We are establishing spaces where people will come to connect, belong, grow, learn, let loose.

That’s why, at Montez, we invest in building relationships; not just with our tenants and clients, but with our partners and the communities we are affecting with our work. If we invest in building relationships, we make an impact beyond strong financial returns; impacts that are culturally and personally rewarding.

We believe that if we co-create, co-own and cooperate, we will help build a tomorrow that is richer for everyone.

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Why us?

We are entrepreneurial

Our foundation and business philosophy is built upon the premise of investing in a more creative, flexible and nimble way. We focus on maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit even with a national footprint. Our clients benefit from our exposure and experience, as well as our passion and enthusiasm for real estate.

We are collaborative

Our business model and culture thrives on partnerships. We build knowledge and relationships with our clients, tenants and partners, so we intimately understand the neighbourhoods, markets and communities in which we are investing. Their on-the-ground insights, coupled with our ability to listen, collaborate and step-change quickly, helps us grow together.

We are genuine

Beyond financial returns, our partners find it rewarding to work with us because we’re sincere. Our internal culture is supportive and friendly. This makes for a happier place to work and an enjoyable team to do business with. We understand relationships and collaboration can only be created when we prioritise transparency.

We are invested

When we build trust, we can invest more creatively, and returns come more fluidly. That’s why we invest alongside our clients. We are not passive but active investors. We play an active role in investing and managing capital, because we have an owner-mindset. We are an extension of our client’s business, here as a credible advisor.

We are engaged

We are trend observers, focused on thematic investment. We research and analyse the changing needs of the end users. As long term investors, we are patient. We execute investment themes with the support and expertise of our people, investors and partners.

We are specialists

We hire experts across a broad range of asset classes, geographical locations and risk spectrums. This means our clients benefit from a diverse range of investment opportunities from an A-team of specialists, not generalists. This allows us to be disciplined and actively manage our asset and investment portfolios. As our clients’ needs change, we can bring in the right people to listen, offer advice and take swift action across our wide spectrum of investment funds, direct investment and segregated account opportunities.

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