With increasing house prices and rental rates on the Island of Montreal, Montez and it’s local development partner saw an amazing opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for quality, transit-oriented, multi-residential homes on the outskirts of the city.

Together we have executed a Portfolio featuring 30 properties totalling 3,677 units, strategically clustered in select key suburban nodes experiencing rapid growth and expansion around the Greater Montreal area, with attractive transit oriented locations.

In addition to offering core, transit-oriented properties, the Portfolio features diversified and complementary asset types, with the Viva-Cité and Axcès Trigone banners, which cater to their own distinct clientele.

The Portfolio was designed and built to institutional quality standards, while integrating the latest development concepts and trends.

For the team at Montez, the properties didn’t just offer a major financial opportunity, they offered us the ability to provide Canadians with a thoughtfully designed, bright and modern place to call home.

Partners: Habitations Trigone & Fonds Immobilier de Solidarité (FTQ)


3,677 residential units

Property Map